Once you think of the term IVF there could not have been a better place or a support system for you, Global Fertility Solution, the best IVF centre in Mumbai, India that has brought a lifetime of joy to thousands of families across the world.

Global Fertility Solution Mumbai has ushered in a new era of affordable and effective IVF treatment in Mumbai, India, emerging as the preferred destination for patients seeking fertility care they can trust. A leading Government-approved IVF centre combines advanced reproductive technology (ART) with world-class clinical expertise to bring you customized fertility solutions that work wonders for each and every intended parent who visit us is treated with utmost compassion and respect and receives personalized attention from a dedicated team of fertility experts. The dream team of doctors at Global Fertility Solution led by

Goral Gandhi, Scientific Director of Global Fertility Solution Mumbai whose immense expertise in the ART techniques and laboratory management has taken the clinic on the path of rising success rates since the conception of the clinic, but if you talk about her in the field of reproductive biology it spans even further back. She has decades of experience in Egg freezing, Cryo-Vitrification, Embryo Transfers, etc, and also setting up various centers all across India. As a clinical embryologist, she has managed to give high success rates in IVF and making Global Fertility Solution the most searched IVF clinic all over the world. With firm determination and a goal high set, she is aiming to open up a lot more centers in India and abroad.

Today there are over 9,000 Global Fertility Solution babies all over the world — an affirmation of the unparalleled success of Global Fertility Solution which has brought us numerous awards and honors along with unprecedented global acclaim.

At Global Fertility Solution, we help you weave a dream and work meticulously to help you achieve it and have a healthy baby to take home. We provide the best surrogacy services and IVF treatment to infertile people at our IVF clinic. We are determined to offer our patients the best IVF treatment at an affordable cost.

Why choose us?

Each and every year around more than 5,000 couples from different countries visit our clinic in search of top-quality treatment in reproductive medicine and advanced IVF treatments.
9 out of 10 couples that fight infertility put their trust in us to achieve their goal of becoming parents.
Our devoted team of physicians has been recognized nationally and internationally for their extensive clinical experience, outstanding academic credentials, and research contributions, as well as for their success in treating the most challenging fertility cases. They have continually been voted as “Best Doctors in America” by their peers, not just for their medical expertise, but for the compassionate care they provide to their patients every day.

Leading team of expert IVF Doctors
Voted “Best Doctors in Mumbai”, we have welcomed over 9,000 babies.

  • Decades of experience
  • Advanced fertility technology
  • Compassionate individualized care

Egg Freezing options at Global Fertility Solution

Save your younger, healthier eggs for when you’re ready to start a family.

  • Preserve your fertility
  • Keep your options open

Fertility is a precious resource, limited to just a few years of your life. Learn about your egg freezing options with Global Fertility Solution.

The Leading Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

For patients, seeking fertility treatments in Mumbai and around the world, Global Fertility Solution is a top destination for fertility care. It combines unparalleled expertise and nurturing support, to help you realize your dream of having a child.

Our teams of fertility experts have been recognized among the “best doctors” in Mumbai with excellent IVF success rates and reviews. If visiting Global Fertility Solution Mumbai, you’ll meet patients from across the globe, including France, Germany, England, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

We realize that cost can be a major barrier to care. We offer the most cost-competitive programs available, including a range of special pricing programs. Our knowledgeable team is more than happy to assist you through the financial process. For more information regarding Global Fertility Solution Clinic news, please read our blog section.

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