Vitrification, a fast-freeze process is a way of transforming the liquid inside the eggs, embryos, and sperm into a glass-like state.

In cryopreservation, it is an alternative approach enabling hydrated living cells to be cooled to cryogenic temperatures in the absence of ice. Premium quality and superior vitrification containers are used for medically assisted reproduction and fertility preservation with the motive to ensure the maximum survival rate with the highest level of bio-safety.

What is the Process of Vitrification – Essential to know about?

Such types of containers are used to make the freezing technique advanced. It has not only made egg freezing possible but, also helped to improve IVF success rate.

Containers are used for the successful process. The embryologist places the eggs, embryos, or sperm in a bath with a low concentration of cryoprotectant or special anti-freezing substances. In this way, the solution contains sucrose to draw water out of the reproductive materials. In the further process, they place the eggs, embryos, or sperm in a bath with a high concentration of the solution for less than a minute. It is the way to instantly freeze the materials that prevent ice crystal formation.

In a vitrification process, more containers are used to keep eggs, embryos, or sperms. It is done to ensure your material will be safe, in case one fails.

Cryotec India Products

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Why Cryotec Method?

Cryotec Method It is the most trustable method of cryopreservation. This open style method is recognized as easy, simple, and repeatable for all. It is a special device – that allows minimizing the volume that will be cool and warm with a result in up to 99,9% of survival for oocytes and all the stages of pre-implantation embryos.

It has a plastic cap to protect oocytes and embryos from physical damages and contaminations of any kind during the storage in liquid nitrogen. We have the latest solutions for you. Feel free to contact us and get a Superior Vitrification container.