Features and Advantages of Vitri Plate for Vitrification

Vitri plate for vitrification comes with amazing features and a number of advantages are associated with them.

  • These plates come with no blind space in wells that never lose the embryos during the process of washing
  • They fit for the required volume of each solution (ES and VS) with easy handling options
  • It will be easier to place embryos on Cryovial with minimum volume VS.
  • Each plate comes with a cryovial holder for focus on washing and placing.
  • Warm plates have their importance – included in 1 dilution plate for easy and successful ultra-rapid warming. There is no devitrification or failure of warming.
  • They are compact with no blind space in well. They never lose the embryos during the warming and dilution process.

We have an advanced range of Vitri plates for vitrification that are ready to use and specially designed to meet specific requirements for the duration of fertilization and culturing of early embryos, fertilization of human oocytes, a culture of embryos, transfer procedure, micromanipulation, Oocyte, and cryopreservation. We offer such products to IVF clinics for high-performance vitrification to help the ART centers in the preservation of oocytes and embryos with more than 99% of survival. In this way, they increase the chances of efficiency and success.

We ensure delivery is fully secure way and with a complete user guide. Place your order now and we will arrange everything for you from packing to delivery.