Advantages Associated with Vitrification Solution Set 110

  • It is an advanced Cryotec Vitrification Solution – safe and long-lasting.
  • Safety is increased to achieve the highest vitrification capability through endotoxin-free Trehalose which has the lowest impact on cells.
  • You can increase safety standards by decreasing the density and chemical toxicity of the cryoprotectant.
  • Not to mention a unified protocol for oocytes in all stages – made possible by slowing down the osmotic changes. It is done to reduce the burden on oocytes and embryos.

Vitrification Solution Set 110 is required some instructions to follow:

  • Keep it stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius.
  • It is the world’s leading cryo product – 10 times set or 10 times uses.
  • It comes with a shelf life of 1 year at the temperature mentioned above.
  • The whole process should be performed under the room temperature of 25-27 Degree Celsius.
  • Don’t forget to compare the thickness of the zona Pellucida with the perivitelline space, and take note of the oocyte.

There are certain steps that must be made into no less than a few seconds (hardly 25 seconds) and a maximum of 90 seconds. Transfer the Oocyte/embryo to the half depth of the well with VS – Not with a minimum volume of ES at the first step as the oocyte/embryo floats to the surface of VS at the time of washing.

As soon as the washing inside the wall of the pipette with fresh VS media is completed, you need to take only the oocyte and transfer it to the bottom of the well. You need to wait until the oocyte/embryo floating stops in VS. Transfer the oocyte/embryo at the top end of the pipette and put it on the end of the cryptic seat with a minimum volume of VS. You need to submerge the Cryotec into liquid nitrogen and place the cap to store it in a tank of nitrogen.


  • 1.8 ml Equilibration Solution or ES x2
  • 1.8 ml Vitrification Solution or VS x4


You need to follow a protocol. Oocytes and embryos may damage during vitrification when moving on to the next step prior to reaching equilibrium.