Advantages of Warm Plate for Vitrification

A warm kit for vitrification is used to increase your efficiency by using the same media for vitrification and warming of oocytes and embryos – mainly in all their stages of development. There are a number of advantages associated with a warm plate for vitrification.

  • Warm well included in 1 dilution plate
  • Easy and successful ultra-rapid warming
  • No chance of Devitrification or failure of warming
  • Compact and no blind space in wells
  • Never lose the embryo during warming and dilution

We have a new range of warm plates for vitrification – the advanced cryopreservation products that are ready to use and specially designed to meet specific requirements during the process of fertilization and culturing of early embryos as well as fertilization of human oocytes, the culture of embryos, embryo transfer, micromanipulation, oocyte, cryopreservation and a lot more.

We have a warm plate for vitrification and a variety of other products for IVF, assisted reproduction technologies clinics, and for varied other uses in similar domains. These products are for high-performance vitrification to help the Artificial Reproductive Centers or IVF Centers in the preservation of Ooctyes and embryos with more than 99% of survival, increasing their efficiency and success too.