Cryotec Warming Kit 102 is the most Oocyte or Embryo friendly warming solution – with the protocol to be used for both Oocytes and Embryos. It has amazing features as the TS well has an inclination to prevent bubble formation to ensure the optimal speed of warming.

The well is not likely to create the shadow under a microscope and makes it difficult to lose sight of Oocytes and embryos – mainly because of the hemispherical shape.


  • It comes with a Shelf-life of 1 year at 2℃~8℃
  • 1 Warm Plate
  • 1.8ml Thawing Solution (TS) x1
  • 0.5ml Diluent Solution (DS) x1
  • 0.5ml Washing Solution (WS) x2


  • You need to keep some points in mind about the Cryotech Warning Kit 102.
  • A major issue at the time of defrosting can cause sudden changes in osmotic shock that may lead to over-expansion or hyper-hydration in the Oocytes and embryos.
  • It may cause damage to the cells and cytoskeletons.
  • Cryotech is a preservation method to minimize the osmotic shock in diverse solutions at the time of adding HPC.
  • In this way, it increases viscosity and achieves extremely slow and safe dilution.


  • The process required completing at a room temperature of 25- 27ºC that is done by using a Pasteur pipet with the right diameter for Oocyte or embryo and Blastocyst.
  • A warm plate is required to place and TS vial in the incubator at certain degree Celsius around 3 hours prior to use.
  • Overnight storage is preferable.
  • The depiction is required for DS and WS vials to room temperature air at least one hour before the use.

In the last step of the process, you have to take the warm plate and TS vial out of the incubator, and expel the vial to the first square well.