Warming Solution Set 205 is equipped with advantages like:

The Viscosity of the solution is augmented along with reducing the osmotic shock – by adding the optimal amount of HPC. Damage caused by hyperhydration is prevented and resulting in enabling a safe recovery – done by adjusting the speed of hydration and dehydration.

What Are the Specifications?

  • 1.8ml Diluent Solution (DS) x1
  • 1.8ml Washing Solution (WS) x2
  • 1.8ml Thawing Solution (TS) x5

What is Shelf-Life

It is for 1 year at a temperature level between 2 Degree Celsius and 8 Degree Celsius.

Protocol – Need to Know

Sudden changes in osmotic shock are a major issue at the time of defrosting. It may lead to over-expansion or hyper-hydration in the Oocytes and embryos – which may cause damage to the cells and cytoskeletons. Cryotec Preservation is a method to minimize osmotic shock in the various solutions at the time of adding HPC. In this way, it is the way to increase viscosity and achieve extremely slow and safe dilution.

Instruction for Preparation

  • The whole process is required to make under room temperature.
  • Don’t forget to use a Pasteur pipet with the right diameter for oocyte, embryo, and Blastocyst.
  • Place the warm plate and TS vial in the incubator at a certain degree temperature for two to three hours prior to use. Overnight storage is preferable.
  • You need to expose DS and WS vials to room temperature air at least 1 hour prior to use.
  • Take a warm plate of the TS vial out of the incubator and expel the vial to the first square well.

Know About the Dilution of CPAs

  • You need to put the cryotec into the 1º square well in 1 second with TS and wait for 1 min.
  • At the time of waiting, the process continues to fill the second well with 300 µl of DS.
  • Aspirate the oocyte or embryo and 3 mm long of TS into the pipette to drive out them slowly to the bottom of the second well (DS). It may require a timing of 3 minutes.
  • Fill the WS1 and fourth WS2 with 300 µl of WS each.
  • Aspirate the oocyte or embryo and 3 mm long of DS into the pipette, expel them slowly to the bottom of the third well (WS1), and wait for 5 min.
  • Give a survival judgment at the end of this step if the shrunk oocyte or embryo is to be recovered or not.
  • Put the oocyte or embryo on the surface of the fourth well or WS2 and again on the surface of the same WS2 to wash for 2 times.
  • Put the oocyte or embryo in the drop of the culture media for the recovery for ICSI and ET.

The entire process is done under the supervision and instructions of experts.