At present we are using SAGE vitrification medium . Why is Cryotech better?
Our embryos are now frozen with the SAGE medium. When we thaw them using your Thaw Kit, will this have an adverse effect on their survival ?
What is the proper size of pipettes?
Is it possible to use the solutions in drops?
For how long should the solutions be incubated before usage?
Should I do the vitrification process at RT or 37°C?
When should I vitrify the oocytes after denuding?
Is it necessary to collapse or shrink Blastocysts before the Vitrification procedure?
Can the same solution set be reused? If yes how many times?
How many oocytes/embryos can I load on one Cryotec?
Can we reuse the Cryotec after thawing?
Once the oocytes are warmed, how long should we wait before doing ICSI?
What is the best time to do the embryo transfer after warming the embryos?
Do I need to perform assisted hatching on the warmed embryos before transfer.
Day 5 or Day 6? When should I vitrify the blastocyst?
Does cryotech always give 100% survival vitrification?