The Cryotech Advantage

Cryotec Method is the most trusted method of cryopreservation. It is recognized as reliable, reproducible and universal method of vitrification. Cryotec is a special device that allows minimum volume to be loaded, resulting in ultra-rapid vitrification and warming rates with 100% survival for oocytes and all the stage of pre-implantation embryos by strictly keeping Dr.Kuwayama’s original vitrification/warming protocol and normal cell quality. It is called “the Cryotec method”.

Advantages of Vitrification/ Warming Solutions

Highest Vitrification Ability
Optimal high viscosity to form the best vitrification during cooling, storage and warming.

No Serum, No SSS added and so no risks from serum derived virus contamination, most safe solutions.

Completely chemically defined solutions, stable for 1 year ( at 4 – 8 °C), for 3 months at room temperature.

Endotoxin free
Sucrose has an unavoidable problem of endotoxin toxicity – Cryotech solutions contain Trehalose instead of Sucrose.

Ease of handling
Same protocol for oocytes, embryos and blastocysts greatly increases the ease of use for embryologists. Very efficient  washing in VS  and no stuck oocytes/embryos on Cryotec during warming.

Superior & Exclusive Vitri and Warm plate

No blind space in wells
You can never lose the embryos during washing.

Easy placing of embryos on Cryotec with minimum volume VS
Cryotec holder in each Vitri-plate, same focus of washing and placing.

Warm well (TS) included in the Warm plate
Easy & very successful ultra-rapid warming: No failure of warming (devitrification).

Superior Vitrification Container- Cryotec

– Multiple cooling devise: for Closed or Open cooling
– Longer and Wider handle and sheet: easy writing and loading samples
– Safe and clear material